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I came to Lynn after failing my QTS exam twice. I only had one chance left and a place at my university on the line. After my sessions with Lynn I not only felt a lot more confident going into my test but also a lot less panicked during the test. She came up with inventive ideas that played to my strengths and helped me over come difficult questions. After Lynn's tuition I passed my QTS maths exam and felt a lot more comfortable taking it. (Alice QTS July 2016 Passed)

After being tutored by Lynn, my confidence in maths has soared. She has a unique ability to work out the issues facing someone when they are trying to improve (for me, this was working too fast through questions) and she focused on addressing this, first helping me to achieve an A* in Maths GCSE and then (surprisingly!) inspiring me to continue at A-level. I achieved a B as AS this year which I am immensely happy with. I know that without the friendly and careful tutoring of Lynn this would never have happened - thank you Lynn!   (Orson  AS level June 2016, grade B)

Our liaison with Lynn was very efficient and professional and sessions were arranged at convenient times. Following the sessions we saw an increase in our son's confidence in Maths which was demonstrated in improved results. Ultimately he achieved his maximum potential.   (Parent of Orson  AS level June 2016, grade B)

The tutoring was very helpful and made new and difficult A level concepts easy to understand. Lynn's friendly and calm tutoring style allowed me to build confidence back in my mathematical ability after it had been knocked at AS level. The teaching method was very good and made learning and revising easy and straight forward. (Ben  A level June 2016, grade B)

The time for tutoring suited us well and fitted in at the end of Ben's school day. He enjoyed the flexibility and extra sessions available nearer the exam dates and holiday times. We saw a vast improvement with Ben and his confidence grew. He enjoyed being taught in a calm environment and was not afraid to ask questions. Yes it was worth it, from a very poor mock AS result to a B at A2, we are very proud of him.  (Parent of  Ben  A level June 2016, grade B)

I found the tutoring very helpful. It has definitely improved my confidence in Maths. The way I was taught definitely helped my understanding. I found making notes and taking in past paper questions really benefited me.  (Sharukka IGCSE Higher June 2016 grade B)

The time allotted to us was convenient, because we came straight from school. Sharukka has really enjoyed the maths tutoring and I have seen great improvements in her results. She has definitely gained confidence in maths and found it easier in lessons. Yes I would highly recommend tutoring - it is a great way of developing skills and confidence in maths by practising questions. (Parent of  Sharukka IGCSE Higher June 2016 grade B)

Without Lynn's help I would definitely not have been able to secure an A in Maths! Before I started out with Lynn I was bottom of my class and within a year of her help I was able to move up a set and grow exceptionally in confidence. Lynn explains things very simplistically and her teaching methods are clear and effective, unlike a lot of teachers at school, who are trying to teach a full class of students, all with varying degrees of understanding. As a relatively shy person, it was very beneficial having 1 on 1 tutoring with Lynn as I could easily ask for her help on even the most basic of topics without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed in front of other classmates or the teacher. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! x x (Anna IGCSE Higher June 2016 grade A)

The tutoring was fantastic - one of the best decisions! Anna grew in confidence enormously and really benefited from the 1-1 tuition. Her ability improved and we were so delighted that she achieved an A in the IGCSE exam - something that would have seemed impossible a few years ago. We also believe that her improved ability and confidence in Maths has a positive effect on her own general self-confidence and ability in her other subjects. We are so grateful Lynn, thank you. (Parent of Anna IGCSE Higher June 2016 grade A)

Lynn was a fantastic tutor and greatly improved my confidence in Maths. She was very friendly and was the reason I was able to take Maths at A-level and achieve an A. I am now considering a course at university which involves a large amount of maths. (Millie A level June 2016, grade A)

Great benefit to my child. She achieved A* at GCSE, A at A-level. I would highly recommend Lynn as a tutor. She also tutored my son who achieved an A* at GCSE. Both children enjoyed the tutoring. Lynn is an excellent tutor.  (Parent of Millie A level June 2016, grade A)

Lynn has been a breath of fresh air for me as a parent. After having taken my son to many and expensive tutors, who made no actual difference to him at all, he came out of his first lesson with Lynn and said: "Oh, it's easy. She just explained it an it all made sense." He came out feeling positive each time and I have to say, this had never happened before. I don't know what she does, but it works, or at least it did for my dyslexic son. I wish she could teach the skill to all the other teachers who specialise in dyslexia! (Parent of Jez A level June 2015, grade D)

I approached Lynn at the start of year 11 with no confidence in my mathematical ability and feeling like I had no mathematical brain! I was stressed too as I had been receiving D and E grades since year 7. Lynn gave me 1:1 tuition and was able to explain concepts clearly and in a way I understood as well as building my confidence. This enabled me go from an E to a B in a year which I am thrilled with and would never have been able to do without Lynn's help. (Hannah GCSE Higher June 2015, grade B)

We are over the moon with Hannah's GCSE result. When we contacted Lynn, Hannah was really struggling with maths - her confidence in the subject was extremely low and chances of her gaining a pass at GCSE were unlikely. She felt that she "couldn't do maths" but Lynn showed her that she could! Lynn was able to show Hannah different approaches to topics, explaining things in a way that Hannah could understand. To see her confidence grow in leaps and bounds was incredible and we are so thrilled with her exam result which we are positive would never have been possible without Lynn's support. (Parent Of Hannah GCSE Higher June 2015 obtained B grade)

After helping me achieve an A* in GCSE maths, Lynn gave me the confidence to continue maths at A-level. I found Lynn's tutoring extremely helpful in keeping up with the volume of work. I was also given useful resources to take away from the sessions. Overall I came out with a B for maths A-level which I do not think I could have reached without Lynn's help. (A level June 2015, grade B)

I first got in contact with Lynn as I needed a very knowledgeable tutor who could take me through the entire GCSE maths syllabus from start to finish as I found mathematics very challenging and I thought I could benefit from 1 to 1 tuition rather than going through a college. I had really struggled with dyslexia at school which hugely impacted my ability and confidence in maths, so I was looking for tutor who would be understanding and sympathetic to my needs, which is why I contacted Lynn as she had previously worked in a the Dyslexia Institute, something that  immediately impressed me as no other tutor I saw in the local area had any experience in teaching dyslexic students; So contacting Lynn was definitely the best decision I could have ever made. Lynn knew the syllabus inside out, methodically teaching me everything I needed to know,  so by the time I got to the exam I was  breezing through the past papers giving me the confidence and knowledge I needed  to pass; She even entered me into the examination at a local college so all I had to worry about was passing the exam. I was very nervous starting my first few lessons, however Lynn quickly built my confidence by building on what knowledge I already had , then before I knew it I was doing algebra! Something I thought I could never do. If there was ever anything I didn't understand, Lynn would patiently try a different approach until it made sense to me, something I really appreciated being dyslexic. I would not hesitate to recommend Lynn to anyone who needs a maths tutor, as there is no doubt in my mind, I wouldn't have passed without her. (Steven GCSE Foundation June 2015, grade C)

I contacted Lynn in a bit of a panic as I had yet to pass any of the practice numeracy QTS tests online and I needed to pass the real thing in less than two months. Lynn was really accommodating and squeezed me in straight away; I began weekly 1 hour sessions. Almost my first words to her were "I hate maths, I don't understand it at all". Lynn was consistently calm, patient and reassuring. She has great resources relevant to the QTS exam and understands the format of the test. She made the maths we covered make sense and was very helpful in setting extra work for me to do at home. After only four sessions, I passed the test first time a few days ago - I really didn't think that would be possible. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lynn to anyone needing a maths tutor. Thank you Lynn!

I could not let the day pass without thanking you for everything you did to get Jamie though his A level exams this year. Neither of us ever thought that one year on, he would be accepting a confirmed offer at his original first choice Uni - Newcastle. The Deputy Head of his old sixth form at Bristol Grammar was also delighted and it seems he is one of the first to increase the grades in each retaken subject by at least two grades. Out of the three exam modules he retook, he scored 97% and 100% and knows he would easily have achieved an A* if he hadn't misread a question in his final paper. We know he would not have managed any of this without Lynn's efforts and it was worth every penny of her fees.
We cannot recommend Lynn highly enough.
Thanks Lynn - you got our son's life back on his chosen track, we were so very lucky to find you.
(Jamie A level, June 2014, grade A)

I contacted Lynn when my daughter needed help to ensure she got the A level maths grade required for her university offer. Lynn’s one to one help was invaluable in restoring her confidence in herself and in sorting out all the niggling problems that were holding up her progress – she went from a real disaster in the February mocks to an A* in the real exam! I cannot recommend Lynn highly enough – she was endlessly patient and encouraging and helped identify those areas which required extra practice always providing relevant questions to work on. Local, and easy to arrange, Lynn’s tutoring was worth every penny – not only did it ensure my daughter is off to Leeds this September but she enjoyed the lessons and the learning! I just wish we’d started with her earlier as with her support the material covered in the last few weeks was so much easier for my daughter to understand. (Parent of Hannah A level, June 2014, grade A*)

Lynn was very friendly and I always felt welcome and calm during my tutoring sessions. My confidence improved massively thanks to Lynn and if I didn’t understand a subject she explained it in different ways until I could understand. I cannot thank her enough for her help. I gained a grade B at GCSE. I was so happy. (Hannah A level, June 2014, grade A*)

I approached Lynn in desperation half way through my daughters GCSE course when I realised she was struggling with D grades and had lost all confidence in her mathematical ability. Lynn organised fortnightly sessions for us very quickly at a time to suit and it made the world of difference. My daughter blossomed in confidence and started to believe she could do maths. I remember her coming home from an early tutoring session and saying, “I understand maths when Lynn teaches me.” 1-1 maths tuition with Lynn was worth every penny and I was delighted with my daughters GCSE result. I would recommend Lynn to anyone looking for a maths tutor. (Parent of Charlotte GCSE Higher, June 2014, grade B)

One to one maths tutorials ensured that my daughter was able to ask all the questions she needed and follow up on any points she had not understood in class; her confidence, ability and consistency in getting the correct answers improved, the tutorials were definitely a worthwhile investment.(Parent Of Emma GCSE Higher June 2014 obtained A* grade)

Lynn is a very knowledgeable tutor. It is clear she knows all the GCSE maths specification back to front and has all the necessary resources needed (past papers, mark schemes and textbooks) for her to teach you efficiently and to for you practice on.  I was extremely pleased with my A* in GCSE maths and I do not think I would have achieved this without my fortnightly tutoring sessions from Lynn.  Lynn was very good at explaining how to go about solving maths problems, and how to recognise which method to use, which was really helpful to me. (Melissa GCSE Higher June 2013 obtained A* grade)

Lynn is a very professional and competent tutor. I could see that my daughter immediately appreciated the benefits of her advice. As a parent I feel sure that the investment in extra maths tuition has paid off with my daughter's GCSE grade, and I would definitely recommend Lynn's tuition to others.(Parent Of Melissa GCSE Higher June 2013 obtained A* grade)

The reason for seeking Maths tuition was to improve my performance in the type of numerical reasoning aptitude tests likely to be included in a job recruitment process.  Initially Lynn helped me learn, revise and practice the full range of calculations likely to be included in this type of test. Her explanations were really clear, she provided lots of tips and suggested layouts to remember and simplify calculations and constantly offered positive encouragement.  Lynn then researched the field of numerical aptitude tests and supplied lots of suitable paper and online assessments for me to work through with her. As a result of the support and motivation provided by Lynn, my ability and confidence in Maths has improved considerably.  The score I achieved in a recent numerical reasoning aptitude test was well above average.  This represents a significant improvement on previous test results and is entirely due to the help and encouragement I’ve received from Lynn.  (Wendy, May 2013)

Lynn had coached me for my GCSE exams a few years ago, taking me up from a grade D to a B so when it came to taking my QTS exam for uni, I got back in contact. She was great at building up my confidence with maths- teaching me quick ways to work questions out for the mental maths and also showing me new methods of long multiplication and division, which is something I have always struggled with. I think a lot of my problems with maths has come from not having much confidence and being scared of getting the questions wrong, but Lynn made me feel completely at ease. She has helped me so much so that I have passed my QTS exam first time round! Thank you Lynn! Hattie (QTS test, May 2013)

I approached Lynn a few weeks before my QTS numeracy exam as I was struggling to get anywhere near a pass mark on the teaching agency website practice exams. Lynn was able to fit me in at short notice over a period of about 5 weeks, with a lesson once a week. She was very professional, very precise with her tuition and knew exactly what I needed to cover. She knew exactly where my weaknesses laid and so her tuition focused on these areas. As a result I passed my QTS numeracy exam, first time, when I felt that would never be achievable. For anyone needing to pass this essential exam, I can highly recommend Lynn, as I know without her I would have never have passed on my first attempt. Thank you Lynn and I'm so glad we found you. - Hannah (QTS test, April 2013)


Lynn is an excellent teacher. As I was someone who had not touched the subject for years, she pushed me and provided realistic feedback on progress. I'm extremely grateful for her help and support, thank you. Peter (GCSE Foundation June 2012, obtained C grade)

Bella went from a low D to a B within weeks and ended up with an A at GCSE. It was definitely worth the money - highly recommended. Parent of  Isabella (AS level June 2012, obtained A grade)

I found the tutoring very helpful and useful, my grades went up from a low D to a high A. My confidence generally has greatly improved. I found Lynn very friendly and I was taught in a way that I could understand. Overall I would highly recommend the tutoring to anyone who wishes to improve at Maths. Isabella GCSE Higher June 2012 obtained A grade)

Just to let you know that today I passed my QTS Numeracy test! I'm absolutely over the moon! However, I'm afraid this means that I shall no longer need to continue my sessions with you.
I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help and support with the test, there's absolutely no way I could have passed without you, so thank you so so much. All the best and if I hear of anyone looking for a tutor, I shall definitely recommend you, Thanks,Hannah
(Feb 2013)


Thank you for the help you gave to Izzy. It gave her confidence in her ability - and she got an 'A' at A level! It was worth every penny!  Parent of  Izzy (A level June 2011, obtained A grade)

Thank you Lynn for all you help over the last two years. It really helped my confidence. I got a 'A' - and got into my first choice of Uni. Izzy (A level June 2011, obtained A grade)

The maths tutoring really helped my daughter and improved her confidence in the subject.. Parent of Rebecca (AS level June 2011, obtained A grade)

I found the tutoring extremely helpful - doing exam questions relevant to the topic gave me confidence as I knew what to expect. I found Lynn very friendly and unpatronising and that helped me to understand the topics. Thank you for all the help last year. Rebecca (AS level June 2011, obtained A grade)

I had always found maths a difficult subject and this reflected in my grades. I found 1-1 tutoring with Lynn increased my knowledge, understanding and grasp of maths considerably and enabled me to pass my GCSE with ease. Lynn is a friendly and approachable tutor who teaches in a clear and understandable way. Ben (GCSE Foundation June 2010, obtained C grade)

Lynn offered us a local and friendly tutoring service that my son always looked forward to attending. His ability, understanding and confidence in maths improved every week highlighting the benefit of 1-1 tuition. Without doubt, the GCSE grade my son achieved in this subject was enhanced due to his tuition and I thank Lynn for her dedication and professionalism. Parent of Ben (GCSE Higher June 2010, obtained C grade)

The improvement in ability was considerable and her confidence improved because of this. It was worth every penny for the result. I would recommend using you to others. Parent of Jessica (GCSE Higher June 2010, obtained A grade)

The tutoring was extremely helpful and I improved hugely in the short time that I had tutoring. Without Lynn's tutoring I would most definitely not have achieved the grade that I wanted, for this I am very grateful. I was taught in a way that I could easily understand and Lynn was very patient spending time on and re-teaching me trickier topics. My confidence has improved vastly and I am very happy that I chose Lynn. Jessica (GCSE Higher June 2010, obtained A grade)

I was predicted a C by my school but your tutoring gave me the support and confidence to get an A grade. I am extremely happy and grateful. I couldn't have done it without you! Jemima (GCSE Higher June 2009, obtained A grade)

I am convinced that it was purely as a result of your tutoring that she gained the confidence an ability to get an A grade which exceeded our expectations. Thank you. Parent of Jemima (GCSE Higher June 2009, obtained A grade)

I certainly saw an improvement in James during tuition. He has always struggled to grasp maths. We were recommended you by another family and it proved to be the right decision. 1:1 tuition helped James understand more clearly. He's always been quiet and would never ask in class when struggling. This gave him confidence in his own ability. We are all delighted. Many thanks for your help. Parent of James (GCSE Foundation June 2009, obtained C grade)

I found the maths tutoring really helpful. Lynn was really friendly and encouraging and for the first time ever I actually enjoyed maths, especially as I gained much more understanding and confidence in myself that I could do it. Lynn always found ways to teach me, and would show me a variety of methods until I totally understood. It was well worth it. Emilie (IGCSE Higher June 2009, obtained A grade)

Emilie thrived on this experience and improved hugely in ability and confidence over the time tutoring. It was worth every penny paid to see Emilie feel she could achieve a good A grade in this difficult exam. Parent of Emilie (IGCSE Higher June 2009, obtained A grade)

The tutoring was very helpful and helped me achieve a much higher grade than I was predicted (predicted B, got A*) and the tutor was friendly and explained things well, improving my confidence going into the exams. John (IGCSE Higher June 2009, obtained A* grade)

I found the tutoring very helpful. When I came to Lynn I was awful at Maths and  had no confidence whatsoever. Lynn slowly but surely helped build up my confidence. I was predicted D's and E's in Maths before I started tutoring and ended up with a C grade which was thanks to Lynn. Lynn was friendly which made me feel comfortable in answering questions and never afraid to take a guess. Lynn quickly worked out the way in which I took most  in. I would just like to say a huge thank you and I would recommend Lynn to anyone. Ella (GCSE Foundation June 2009, obtained C grade)

The amount of progress made by my daughter in such a short space of time was a bit of an eye opener; it certainly enabled her to achieve the grade she required to continue her further education. She even found the experience of 1:1 tuition enjoyable, largely because Lynn's approach was so measured and helpful. In terms of cost, it was worth every single penny. Lynn represents exceptional value for money and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any parent considering personal tuition for their child. Parent of  Cassie (GCSE Foundation June 2008, obtained C grade)

Initially we decided to seek extra tuition in order that our son might pass his GCSE Maths - so to achieve a B grade far exceeded our (and the school's) expectations. We are absolutely thrilled with his result. Parent of Peter (GCSE Higher June 2008, obtained B grade)

I found Lynn's tutoring amazing - she was very friendly and taught me the easiest way to do maths! I learnt more from her in a few months than a few years with my school teacher. My confidence in maths has improved massively and I am very grateful. Cassie (GCSE Foundation June 2008, obtained  C grade)

We are absolutely delighted with her grade. She has enjoyed coming immensely. I have seen great improvement, especially to believe in herself. It was well worth paying for the extra 1:1 tuition. I would highly recommend Lynn to anyone.Parent of Sarah (GCSE Higher June 2008, obtained A* grade)

The tutoring was terrific. I found it amazingly helpful. Before I was expecting to get a B, but with the help, I got 100% (A*). I understood everything I was being helped with, so my confidence has improved dramatically. Lynn was very friendly and is an amazing teacher. I am definitely going to be getting her help again for my next exam. Sarah (GCSE Higher Modular June 2008, obtained A* grade)

I am very pleased with my grade. The reason my grade has improved was due to my additional confidence level. I am so pleased my parents paid for the extra tutoring. I would highly recommend the tutor to all who are struggling with specific or general maths. Lewis (GCSE Foundation June 2008, obtained  C grade)

My two sons aged 15 and 17 years have seen Lynn weekly. They enjoy maths with Lynn and she has built their self-esteem and confidence. They have achieved more in one year with Lynn than 5 years at school. Lynn has set achievable targets and they have responded well to the one-one attention. It is a big commitment on my behalf in terms of transport and funding but well worth the effort. I have no hesitation in recommending Lynn to others. Parent of Austin and Euan (GCSE Higher June 2007, obtained  B grade)

Lynn is a great teacher. I enjoy being taught by Lynn because I found I got a great deal of attention to help me learn and understand ways of learning properly. I found she understood my dyslexia and knows how to teach. I have learnt a lot and feel more confident with my maths skills. Austin (Level 1, 2)

I found the tutoring helpful because Lynn found out what I was good at and what level I was working at. Also if anything was hard she would explain it in a way which I understood and gave me ways to remember it. When I was taught something new Lynn went from easier to harder levels. Lynn was very easy to get on with. I feel much more confident in maths and find maths so much easier. Thank you so much! Euan (GCSE Higher June 2007, obtained  B grade)

The tutoring was really great, allowed me to ask about things I was unsure about knowing I had the time to go through it a few times. My confidence was low as I'd got a poor grade in my first lot of exams but after a few sessions I felt much happier and was doing better. The tutor was very friendly and supportive. She gave good advice and explained everything well. Holly (AS level C1, C2, S1 June 2007)

Really lucky to get a night and time to suit at very short notice. Holly enjoyed every session and her confidence improved after only a couple of visits. 1-1 tuition definitely has its place in education and we were happy to pay extra for it. Lynn was very patient and Holly built up a good rapport with her. I would recommend her to others. Parent of Holly

 I found maths tuition helped me to exceed my own expectations in Maths! Lynn is a good teacher; she explains it in a way that made it easy for me to understand and encouraged my progress. Issy (GCSE Higher June 2007)

Issy never hesitated about coming to Maths tuition. I see this as a combination of coming with her friend as well as enjoying the tuition. Issy clearly improved in terms of confidence and ability which had not been possible in the context of the school classroom. 1-1 tuition has obviously paid real dividends. I would be very happy to recommend Lynn to others. Parent of Issy

Considering my ability in maths, any advice would have been helpful, but overall yes, I found the tutoring helpful. The tutoring approach is very effective because it allowed the pupil to learn and absorb information. The tutor was friendly and also authoritative which is most effective as one has a greater tendency to learn under that system. My confidence in Maths has improved but I recognise that I must also revise and not solely base my revision on the tutoring. Thanks! Jay (AS level C3, C4, June 2007 Intense exam preparation)

Extremely helpful. Taught everything that she was struggling with with great success. Confidence much improved. Parent of Heather (GCSE Intermediate June 2007)